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Going Green for More Cash




Discover how to stop wasting resources and money and learn easy ideas for recycling even if you have tried everything before.

Find easy solutions for recycling instead of buying new and start enjoying savings as well as helping the earth.
Going green is one of the hottest topics explored today.

Almost everyone is into this new “fad” and this is of course a very positive behavioral pattern if correctly nurtured.

Educating one’s self is perhaps the first and most prudent step one can take when venturing into the going green platform. Recycling is fast gaining popularity among individuals who are concerned the direction global environmental problems are heading.

In This Book, You Will Learn:

  • Going Green Basics
  • Gifting Unused Items
  • Find Unique Applications For Unused Clothing
  • Unique Ways To Reuse Paper And Glass You Would Otherwise Throw Out
  • Research Trash Into Treasure Websites

And so much more!


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