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Virtual Real Estate Tycoon




Virtual Real Estate Tycoon is a 50+ page PDF course that will guide you through the highly profitable process of buying and selling websites in the virtual real estate marketplace.

All you need to do is follow the instructions in these pages and you will be buying and selling websites successfully.

E-Commerce eliminates the physical boundaries of global business. Any individual anywhere in the world can do business with others via the world wide web whether you’re sitting at home playing with the kids, on vacation with your family, or even stuck in your office –

Included inside Virtual Real Estate Tycoon are four documents that you can use as complementary legal agreement tools in signifying:

1. Intent to Buy
2. Non-Disclosure Agreement
3. Terms of Payment
4. Agreement of Transfer of Ownership

Saving you hundreds of dollars in attorney’s fees if you were to hire a lawyer to administer the buy-sell negotiation process.


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